The best vegan faux leather handbags that you should buy now

Animal-free leather bag is an excellent alternative for a vegan to have a bag that looks exactly like a real leather bag. It provides you with the same classy look and the luxury that is given to you by a leather bag.  Its variety ranges from cross-body bags to slouchy backpacks. We suppose there could never be a better reason to invest in a faux leather bag other than the variety for a vegan. Two of the most selling vegan faux leather bags are given below.

Stella McCartney

Being used cutting edge technology in it for the design and protecting endangered forests, this handbag is early championing for eco-friendly luxury fashion. It paves the way of new style in the emerging ethical brands. The product’s classic red scarlet vegan tote makes it one of the best vegan leather handbags. It is made with recycled polyester from the world’s oceans. What makes it more classy is its iconic McCartney logo.

JW pie

It was launched in 2016 and was a newcomer in the market of faux leather bags. It has a modern, forward-thinking design that makes it more luxurious. The 10% of this bag’s every sale is donated to animal