Opening wine as its true self with wine aerator pourer

Filling a glass of wine without its true self isn’t fair. It must be first made an actual wine with all its flavors and aroma by pouring it with a wine aerator pourer. It takes hold of wine as soon as it gets out of the bottle’s mouth and makes the wine to expose with the outer air. The actual sole purpose is to expose wine with the oxygen in the atmosphere so that the reaction of wine from bottle happens as it comes out.

Process of aeration

Aeration of wine refers to letting wine breathe. It is allowed to breathe as in the bottle it holds volatile aroma compounds. When you let wine breathe these volatile compounds are allowed to expand which makes wine more interesting. The thing that happens when wine is poured is oxidation exactly and this is what wine aerator pourer is for.

How it is used

If you think that using a wine aerator pourer is easy, then yes, you are right. It is very simple to use. Just hold the equipment over your glass and start pouring wine into it. Using this method you can decrease the time of filling up the glass and